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Melody Ravert

Melody Ravert is a Christian fiction author of several books including the Shadow Stalker and the Nightwolf series. She is now working as a self-publisher for new writers at MJR Publications, LLC, a publishing company that specializes in Christian fiction and non-fiction. Ravert began her writing career in December of 2002 with her first book, Shadow of Death. Her passion for writing encouraged her sister to publish her first book, Wacky Weddings - all four books are featured at www.mjrpublications.com. The newest release from MJR Publications is Loving Hearts Live Forever which will be available later this month [January 2O11].

Ravert was nominated for the 2OO9-2O1O VIP Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women [NAPW], and she is a member of the Maryland's Writer's Association. She has also served in the past as a judge for the Frontiers in Writing Contest sponsored by the Panhandle Professional Writers. A former corporate sponsor and Author Emeritus of Christian Authors on Tour [CAOT], Ravert is the founder and Publications Director of MJR Publications, LLC and a corporate sponsor of The Christian AOT Network.

In addition to her work as an author and publisher, Ravert writes freelance for Examiner.com as both the Baltimore Writing Examiner and the Baltimore Family Fun Examiner. A widow and single Mom, Ravert has a strong love for writing ministries. In her own words, she shares:
"As much as I love writing romance and suspense novels, my goal is for each and every reader to take just a morsel of the underlying message in the story and be able to apply it to their life. Whether they are seeking to fill a void or if they find themselves in a similar predicament as one of the characters, I hope they will turn their focus on our only hope - Jesus Christ! A fellow author once told me that 'I have a bold way of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.'"
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